Louisiana Statewide Human Services Transportation
Coordination - Public Feedback Survey
Welcome! This survey is meant to gather feedback about your travel habits so that better decisions can be made in regards to planning transportation services. The survey also aims to get your opinion on several action steps the Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is taking to improve transit in the State and how they can better address the needs of the community.
Overall, how satisfied are you with public transportation services in your community?

Are you ever unable to get where you want to go, because you could not find transportation?

If you answered "yes" to the question above (3.), how often does this happen?

What are your most frequent trip destinations?

In other words, where do you go most often?

What are the biggest barriers or issues you encounter when using public transportation in your community?

What sources do you most frequently use to get information about public transportation services in your community?

When transferring between transportation services, how would you rate the coordination between the two services?

In other words, do you have to wait a long time between transfers? Do you have to use a different form of payment or pay again to transfer? Do you have to travel far to get from one service to the next?

Please rate how well transfers between services are coordinated (1 = not coordinated at all; 5 = coordinated very well).

Please rate the following coordination strategies based on how well you believe they will improve your experience using public transportation in your community.

DOTD is working to improve coordination among public transportation providers throughout the State. As a part of that effort, DOTD is working to identify solutions that will not only improve coordination among providers but improve the experience of those who take public transportation. Your feedback on these solutions, shown below, is crucial to ensure that DOTD's actions will sufficiently address the transportation needs of the community.
List of different transportation programs available, including who is eligible, fare information, and how to get reimbursed or reduced fare.

Online map showing the location of available public transportation services, including type of service and routes.

A "one-click/one-call" transportation service center that allows customers to schedule or plan any public transportation ride with a variety of different providers by simply visiting a single webpage or making a single call to an operator.

Please provide answers to the following personal information questions below.

Understanding who is taking public transportation throughout Louisiana allows providers to better identify public transportation needs, which ultimately leads to more effective planning of transportation services. All responses are voluntary and are not required.

Are you currently employed?

What is your estimated annual household income?

Do you have a disability

What zip code do you live in?

To what zip code do you travel to the most?

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